Lakes Charity Classic Vehicle Show 2014

Thanks to all our exhibitors and supporters, the show in June 2014 made just over
5,000.  This will be shared mainly between the St John's Hospice, Lancaster
and the Macmillan Nurses with the remainder to the Lions Charities.

We all had such a lovely day. The cars were all shining in the sun and we saw smiling faces everywhere.  

Thanks to all the exhibitors of cars, bikes, tractors and trucks, you really do have such beautiful vehicles and it is so good of you all to bring them to Grasmere.  

We must say such a big, big thank you to Saint & Co for sponsoring the show, without their support we would not be able to raise so much money.

2014 winners!
We are sure it was very hard for the public to choose their favourite vehicles, but the winners are: 


Best car

MGSA Saloon


Best truck

Morris Commercial van


Best tractor

Floataire used by the parks

Best bike

Best bike

BSA Bantam


Macmillan & St John's Hopsice

This year we have been raising money for Macmillan and St John's Hospice.

We will be adding details of this year's event as they become available, please check back regularly and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!