Come and try your skills in the pit stop challenge


  • Individual or teams of 4 (male/female or mixed) against the clock
  • Who can do the fastest time to change all 4 wheels on our car

Will the ladies beat the men? 

Will the individual still complete it faster than a team? 

How well can your team work together?

Will you still be speaking at the end?

This competition is to be run by Kendal College

Sponsored by The Britannia Inn at Elterwater.


Pit Stop Rules

1 x Spider per team

Event is timed

Penalty points awarded at Adjudicators Discretion

Wheel to be removed, moved diagonally, next wheel removed and first put on then second wheel put back into its place. .

Wheel nuts need to be suitably tight i.e. more than finger tight. 

No Running

Adjudicators Decision is final!